Graphic design and the way forward

In the past, link building focused on quantity, not quality. Today? Link building is a different ball game. If you’re building a link building strategy, it’s important to know that it won’t be instant. It’s a gradual process—at least, if you do it right. The pages where you build links, specifically the quality and authority of those pages, play a key role in determining how high you’ll rank in search engine results. This is where blogging comes in. You’ll get 434 percent more indexed pages when you blog consistently, and your inbound links will grow by 97 percent. Beyond blogging, though, there are other proven ways to build the best links and raise your ranking in the SERPs.

Graphic design is an art

Graphic design basics for beginners


The old way of mass guest blogging just for links is dead. You don’t want to post an article on a site that’s not relevant to your niche and has zero authority just to get a backlink. That style of guest blogging won’t cut it. The search engines are smart and can see you’re not guest blogging to add value. If you want to reap the rewards of guest blogging, you need to be strategic and authentic. Make sure you’re creating a unique piece of content for the other site (for example, a case study) and that the site is relevant, authoritative, and attracts your audience. When you guest blog selectively, you’ll reap the rewards of higher rankings, increased traffic, and qualified leads.


What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)? Accelerated Mobile Pages, also called AMPs, are an open-source coding project created by Google to help websites load faster on mobile devices. AMP works by stripping pages down to their most essential parts and storing a cached version on Google servers, which allows them to deliver content almost immediately. Features like videos, ads, and animations are removed, leaving only the most useful content and images. This can be great for mobile users, who can read articles and blog posts in seconds rather than wait for complex elements to load.


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