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Why Clickbait Works Clickbait often gets a bad rap online, mostly due to allegations about misleading content. That being said, there are so many ways to leverage it ethically without misleading your readers. It works because of its ability to tap into genuine human emotion and curiosity.  Everyone wants to know the secret to get more followers, just like everyone wants to know what weird things happen on movie sets. This is called the curiosity gap and it is the psychological feeling of wanting to know more. Most clickbait titles are structured to make the reader think they will learn something new by clicking on the link. The important ethical note is to offer real value within your article, not simply using a misleading headline to get page traffic. Clickbait is also an important part of measuring online success. If no one clicks on your blog, then you lose the opportunity to talk to thousands of potential customers. If you want to expand your reach, then you want more clicks. If you want more clicks, you need to build a strategy to get them. That being said, you don’t need to resort to sensationalism to do this. Instead, think about the goals of your audience. Our blog, for example, teaches readers about digital marketing techniques. While we may use catchy headlines, such as “The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing” or “19 Strategies That’ll Help You Become an Influencer,” we offer actionable information within those blogs that help our readers achieve their goals. When using clickbait strategies, focus on your customer pain points and create content that will educate and excite them. If your headline matches your content, you can avoid audience backlash.

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2. Forge a Connection  People like to make a connection with real people behind a brand. A chatbot is, by definition, a bot—not an actual person. However, even when companies tell consumers they’re talking to a bot, something fascinating tends to happen. According to Psychology Today, “When interacting with chatbots, our brain is led to believe that it is chatting with another human being.”  Further, since they are always there, ready to help, people can feel a real personal connection with them. (So, be sure to program your bot’s voice to fit in with your brand story!) This can improve brand awareness and encourage people to continue that connection by following you on social media or coming back to your website when they need your products or services.  It could also help with immediate sales. Getting emotions involved in your marketing can improve your leads and conversions.  People like feeling supported. When they come to your website and don’t have to poke around to get their questions answered and find the resources they’re looking for, they’re likely to feel better about the experience. 


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