Facebook Marketing for beginners

Wondering the best time to post on Facebook? You’ve created content your fans love, and are hoping for a chance to go viral on Facebook. Now you’re ready to schedule on Facebook – but when? Your best time may differ from mine, your local hangout’s, and WalMart’s. But it’s nice to start with a clue, and measure your success against it. So here’s a head start, with stats from several recent studies You’ll also learn to use Facebook Insights to build a picture for your own account. Let’s find out when’s the best time to post on Facebook! This article has been fact-checked and updated for 2021 on April 28, 2021. Why posting time matters As Neil Patel says, Your visitors and followers prefer using social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares, but you’ll also notice an increase in traffic. In other words, if you post when everyone is asleep, no one will react to your post! You’ve probably heard (or experienced!) that organic reach can be poor for Pages. So you need to do everything you can to optimize your posts to get seen. Plus, there’s this matter of timeliness. It’s a big part of the best time to post on Instagram. And it also works on Facebook in a way. Sometimes the content you create needs to be released at just the right time. If you post about a social media holiday, you want to get the peak time on that day. Or the content just won’t do anything (and will look a bit weird).

Facebook Marketing is still one of the best forms of reaching audiences

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Likes and follows Before we dive into the tactics and ideas to get more Facebook likes, let’s pause a moment. Because there are two ways that someone can show Facebook they are interested in your stuff. One is to ‘like’ your page in the traditional way. The other is to ‘follow’ the page. These are both types of likes, and help with that social proof element. But most Facebook marketing experts say that likes are the ones to focus on. Followers will, well, follow after this!

Personally, I think that facebook mareketing has so much power

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Want to find viral Facebook posts? Smart idea for facebook marketing! Sharing top-performing posts will improve your Fan Page reach – something you’re probably working hard to do. Creating viral content is the dream of every online marketer. But creating Facebook content is a ton of work, and there are no guarantees it’ll go viral. Why not share others’ content that’s already proven to be successful? Here’s how. Disclosure: Some links below are affiliate links, which means I may make a referral fee if you purchase, at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my free content! Why share Facebook content? Let’s face it, creating GREAT content takes LOADS of time. And going viral is almost a pipe dream. Did you know that half of social shares are driven by only 1/1000th (.1%) of the articles online?

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