Content Marketing Essentials for maximum results

The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing

1. Craft a Compelling Headline Say you get 100 people to visit your blog. On average, 80 of them will read your headline copy, but only 20 will read the rest. In other words, your headlines have a lot of heavy lifting to do. Strong headlines provide specific information and give a little detail to draw people in but stop short of telling the whole story. We can see how this looks in practice thanks to a BuzzSumo analysis of 100 million headlines on Facebook and Twitter. It found approximately 65 characters (about 11 words) is the sweet spot for headline length.


Content Marketing is truly the long term game.

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5 PPC Business Ethics Examples and Best Practices

The Importance of Business Ethics in PPC Ads Business ethics refers to the moral principles that serve as guidelines for the way you conduct business. This includes everything from how you attract customers (via advertising) to the way you transact with them and everything in-between. Business ethics are based on values like honesty, fairness, transparency, and social responsibility. An ethical marketer builds their PPC campaigns based on both moral and business perspectives. In short, your PPC campaigns must help your prospects, not trick them into making a purchase, and they should also benefit your business. For some, walking this fine line is the most challenging aspect of running effective PPC ads. Now, what’s the importance of business ethics in PPC ads? Business Ethics Help You Build Strong Relationships With Customers One of the most important reasons to practice business ethics in your PPC ads is to help you build strong relationships with your customers. People trust ethical brands as they’re authentic and transparent. They know they’ll get exactly what the brand promises in its ads. As a marketer, put people before clicks (and profits). It will help you build strong relationships with your customers, leading you to enjoy higher retention rates.


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