Using Video In Your Online Marketing

Most people ignore the very basics conspets of online marketing with video.
I’ve outlined some great article pieces here.

You need to publish video content that your audience will find valuable. You need to give your audience the content that they desire. You need to understand what your audience desires the most. With my wife’s afro hair channel ‘Olivia Rose’, she understands that her audience wants to learn how to grow long, healthy natural afro hair. She doesn’t stray away from the topic. Every video that’s uploaded must share this value with the audience. You need to publish regularly. I came across very good advice from YouTube Celebrity Casey Neistat, who said that Vlogger Roman Atwood gave him 3 words of advice. “Always be uploading.” Whether you look at YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Comedyshortsgamer or Zoella, you will find that they are always uploading new content for their audience. And as a result, their audience continues to grow. To really dominate on YouTube, you have to upload video content everyday. You have to go all in and commit to developing the channel. I’m not going to beat around the bush. It takes alot of work. I managed to get to a point where I was uploading video content up to 5 times a week. But I was struggling to publish content that was seen to be valuable regularly. The other thing is it is easy to lose motivation in the beginning. I think for the first 20 videos that I’d uploaded, none of them even surpassed 100 views and I barely got 20 subscribers. The thing is you have to be patient and continue developing the channel. People respond to high-quality content. People expect to watch content that is professional. This means recording videos in HD, having high-quality audio and professional editing. It does take alot of work and investment to produce high-quality content. There is the pre-production with scripts, the video plan, filming, props and post-production. But the viewers respond better to the content that is produced.


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Most businesses would like to create videos for their business website, but have no idea on where to start. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Skip to section Interviews Conduct interviews with relevant people in your industry. These may be key spokes people, journalists, bloggers, opinion makers or critics. These people will generally endorse your video once complete. How to guide You can provide a step by step instruction guide for a task. These tend to be quite popular and can generate awareness an also reinforce you as the go to person in your industry. One tip is to give people the complete information. There will be a percentage of people who will be able to implement the steps. There will also be those who won’t and they may call on you for your product or service. Point of view/Opinion You can give your point of view on a discussion topic in your industry. Your opinion may reflect a reaction to recent events or your stance on a topic. Forecasting You can produce a video giving a prediction of what you expect to see in the future. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but it is advised that you are able to back up your predictions about what may happen in the future. Predictions offer intrigue to people. Review You can review a product or service and share your thoughts with the audience your findings and insights. Q&A Sessions Get people to submit questions to you about your business or their problems, and give your expert feedback to answer their questions. This will reinforce your knowledge expertise and draw more people to you as the go to person in your industry. Informercial An informercial will allow you to combine the use of the benefits of your product or service with you providing expert knowledge information, ensuring that the audience that is watching is learning. The key takeaways from this method is that the audience will either buy, have strong brand recall or refer your product or service on. Furthermore, these types of videos can generate warmer leads and ease the sales conversion process. Lists Develop a list of things to discuss in your video. This may be a top ten, latest reviews or best of lists. Bulletin and Newsdesk Develop a regular news bulletin that highlights key points that are occurring within your industry. The aim of your bulletin and news desk is for your target audience to take away the important news points. This may be over a week, a month, a year or following an announcement or event. Whatever it may be, focus on providing the key take-aways for your audience. Announcements Alternatively, you can be the newsbreaker and be the first one to release the news. Some channels that have been successful in this include TMZ and Worldstar Hip Hop. By establishing yourself as the credible source for announcements, it will raise the profile of your expertise and make you become the go-to person/business in your industry.


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